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Easy Zebra Lists and Tables with CSS & Jquery

Note: this is another old post I ported over from my old blog. This is the last one, I promise! :D

Start off with a simple list like the one below:

  <li>content goes here</li>
  <li>content goes here</li>
  <li>content goes here</li>
  <li>content goes here</li>

add something like this to your style sheet:

background-color: lightpink;

now we add a class to our ul so our list code looks like this :

My Time at SeaWorld

Saving this post from the old blog as well, good times :)

A few clips I found on youtube of me performing the Sea Lion show at SeaWorld. Good times : )

Jquery Accordion menu with active states

This is an old post that I saved from my old blog which has unfortunately been lost somewhere amidst the interwebs, (thanks Yahoo.) That's what I get for being young and registering domains with Yahoo, oh well, lesson learned :)

View The Demo

jQuery Browser Plugin module for Drupal

My first module! This is a super super basic module that will add the awesome jQuery Browser plugin to your website so you can style and browser test your websites with ease.

Why would you use this?

Drush is installed, now what?

Ok, so it's one thing to get drush installed on your server, but it's another thing to actually start using it! In this blog post we'll go through a few basic examples of practical uses for using drush to work on a drupal website.

Check the status of our installation

1. Open up PuTTY and connect to your server.
2. Navigate to the folder where your website is. For example, to work on this site I typed:

cd public_html
cd themerforhire.com

Installing Drush on Hostgator shared hosting

Ok I'll admit I've been a bad Drupalista. I've just gotten around to installing Drush and figuring out how to use it. Hey, what do they always say? Better late than never, right? Well today I made it my goal to figure out this Drush stuff and seeing the sad lack of instructions on how to get the thing up and running I thought I'd write my own tutorial for others out there using HostGator or other shared hosting.

Here's my process, step by step:

Setup SSH

How to use jQuery with Drupal

Putting this here for my own reference and as a reminder. Usually when writing jQuery you'd wrap all your code in a $(document).ready() function, but apparently that isn't "best practices" for Drupal. I can't really explain why very well, just what I've learned.


(function ($) {
  Drupal.behaviors.play = {};
  Drupal.behaviors.play.attach = function(context) {
    $cool jQuery stuff here;


  Drupal.behaviors.play = function(context){
    $cool jQuery stuff here;

Customizing your comment submitted by information in Drupal

Wow, that's a long title...
So I was playing around with the comment form on this blog today and figured I'd write down what I did to customize the way the submitted by information is output in case any one else would like to know, or if I forget and need something to look back at in six months.

So here goes.

Originally when some one would leave a comment on the blog, their comment would be displayed with their name and date info something like this:

"Submitted by Anonymous on March 11, 2011 - 11:45am."

Well now if that isn't ugly and boring I don't know what is.

I'm Home!

Ahhh I have so much I want to write about! Just came back home to San Antonio last night around midnight from Drupalcon Chicago 2011. I hate leaving my babies for so long but man was Drupalcon awesome! I took in so much information in such a short amount of time that it's literally boggling my mind. Some key take-aways that I got from Drupalcon:

Need to stay active in the community.
Need to figure out how to contribute.
Need to view Drupal as an ecosystem rather than just a means to an end.
Need to learn A LOT of new things!